Revenge of the Creature Movie Window Card/Posters - 14 x 22

Revenge of the Creature Movie Window Card/Posters - 14 x 22

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Our collection of original, unique, and vintage Standard Movie Cards/Posters. Sized at 14 x 22. Second Edition.

Revenge of the Creature

Note: Benton Card Company (the parent company of GRNDHAUS) made window cards for theaters from the 1930's to the 1980's. In the 1980's, we started to reprint some of our more famous window cards from prior years from the original plates. This is not a reproduction or a photocopy, but is an original 1980's reprint from the Benton Card Company. Not many 1980's reprints were made, as we found minimal demand for them at the time. 

Please note - Because these are original works of art and can date back as far as the 1930's, expect some aging.


Where have they been?

These over-runs were stored, some now for over seventy years in 'The Attic'. GRNDHAUS is now bringing them down and dusting them off. With hundreds of posters to choose from each drop will feature a new set of limited edition prints. Make sure to follow us on Social Media to never miss an exclusive drop!

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